Lighthouse Ministry Center - Sharing the Light of Jesus, to a Hurting World
Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration will be closer to Christmas this year. December 17th is our date.  Lighthouse Ministry has for the past17 years tried to help the underpriveledged children of our area.  It has given us an opportunity to give  Jesus who is  the real gift to each of our parents and  the children we serve all year.As  the entire family comes to the celebration.  We, with God's provision , give each child a new toy, a blanket, an outfit, a coat, shoes, scarf/glove set, and a treat bag. We feed them a hot meal, and hopefully as donations become avalible we provide a food box for Christmas. What a blessing to see each year as God unfolds His plan for this. What  a loving God we serve.  We are amazed and astounded at the bountiful blessings God has sends our way for these children..  We have served anywhere from 1-500 children in a season.  We usually plan for 100-150 in general.  This year will be our 17th anniversary of the celebration.  Please be in prayer for us as we prepare for this event. If your heart is led to give please send it to the address below. Any gift is appreciated. Also you are giving the great gift  of Jesus,  sowing into the lives of these children. Knowing someone cared is a huge thing in the life of a child. We love you, our big family of God.
If you would like to donate to this program or have any questions, please  mail your donation to:
Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration
Lighthouse Ministry Center
P O Bozx 855
Elkhorn City, KY  41522
May God bless your heart as you have blessed ours.